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Functional medicine

Functional Medicine is an understanding of the human body and how illness occurs. It investigates and attempts to fix the root problems impairing your health instead of simply treating the symptoms of illness like traditional medicine does.

Rather than different types of specialists, a functional medicine doctor will break the issues down into smaller pieces.

A functional medicine provider will be looking to understand:

What are the common underlying links depriving your cells of the nutrients and energy they need to function properly?

What are the core factors that are driving all of your health conditions?

And what is the simplest, most straight forward way to treat these root problems and resolve illness instead of focusing solely on a reduction in symptoms?

Using a detailed chronological history and sophisticated new laboratory testing, functional medicine practitioners prescribe diet, lifestyle, supplements, hormones, and medicines that can help you shift back to your natural healthy state.

What is a Functional Medicine Doctor & Practitioner?

A Functional Medicine doctor restores normal body “Function” rather than focusing on the treatment of specific diseases.

In general, if we can restore normal body function that most disease processes clear up.

Let Dr. Oganwu help you get to the root of the problem rather than putting a bandaid on it and treating your symptoms.

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