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Discover Your Immunity

Join our free webinar on nutrition & immunity in extraordinary times on October 22nd, 6pm CST

Diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on your immune system and your ability to fight off any virus, including COVID-19. Nothing can guarantee that you won’t get sick, but evidence shows that you can influence the severity and duration of illness. In our free webinar on October 22nd, 6pm CST we will share our top tips on how you can boost your immune system to avoid getting the virus, and what to do if you do get it. The webinar is free of charge – fill in the form below to get signed up!

What you will get by joining

In this free webinar Dr. Rita Oganwu talks about:

  • How to support a healthy functioning immune system in lockdown?

  • What is the latest science telling us?

  • What to do if and when you do get the virus?

  • How to use this time as an opportunity to make positive changes and take control of your long term health?

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Dr. Rita Oganwu

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