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Actual Patient Testimonials 

Since starting the red-light laser lipo I have been able to start wearing clothes I could not wear for years! I went from a size 14 to a size 10 injeans. My shoe size has even changed from an 8 to a 7 h. I have lost 201bs since starting the red light. I had a sharp pain in my right elbow that use to hurt as long as I can remember and it has completely stopped!

- M.J.

After my back surgery, I gained 20 pounds from being contained to my basement and not being able to do a lot of things. After I recuperated, I saw that Dr. Oganwu had the Red light Lipo Laser. After 3 months of healing, I decided to try it. I did 9 sessions with a detox and it really changed my life.

I gained more energy and have learned that the use of natural herbs gives food a more natural flavor.

I wasn’t able to exercise yet, but the whole aspect of the program gave me life. I lost 8 pounds and 11.25 inches, which inspired me and made me feel so much better after surgery that I have decided to do it again.

I want to thank Tammy and Dr. Oganwu for giving me my life back. It was hard, but I am so motivated after this experience. The sky is the limit! Ready to do this again!

- C.W.

I really enjoyed the process. The staff and Dr. Oganwu were fabulous. Within 3 weeks I was able to drop almost 8 pounds! I didn’t have to go on a crazy diet plan or do rigorous exercises. I was actually able to enjoy losing weight and jumpstarting myself back to a healthy me!

Dropped 1.4 inches and 7.3 pounds!

- D.H.

The Healthier Shape Program gave me a new beginning!

I learned a lot of new information about how toxins, diet and exercise affect my overall health and wellbeing. In addition, the staff was knowledgeable about my issues with inflammation and the side effects of my medication. That made me extremely comfortable.

Each week I experienced successes - and when I didn’t a few times, we examined and confirmed why. Using the system gave me major breakthroughs and a balanced life. I have been able to reduce inches, pounds, medication side effects and emotional stress. I am optimistic about future great health and am enjoying my clean new energy. Accountability is a must!

In 4 weeks, lost 4.7 pounds and 4.5 inches!

- K.B.

The purpose of this investment in my health was to minimize prostate problems, to increase the health of my gut and to lose weight.

When the Red Light Program began for me six weeks ago, my waistline was 9 ¼ inches larger than it is now and I was 13 pounds heavier. I had started working on healing my gut earlier with D. Rita Oganwu, so I wanted to continue the process.

I enjoyed the warmth of the belts that were placed around my upper belly and waist areas which helped break up the belly fat. That was very relaxing for me. My favorite part, however, was the Vibe Plate, which immediately followed the Red Llight treatment. I feel that this was also very beneficial and a factor that contributed to my loss of inches and weight.

I can honestly say that I feel much lighter. I am also desiring less food and therefore, eating less.

Thank you, Dr. Oganwu and staff, for your dedication in assisting us with acquiring and maintaining a healthier shape for a healthier me.


With the Red Light Therapy I was able to lose 11 inches from the waist and lost 6 ½ pounds. The program gave me the tools to eat right and maintain my weight and inch loss, especially the problem of which foods you can have or not. I feel so much better with my overall health and appearance. My clothes fit and look better. The Red Light Therapy is the real thing!

- S.Y.

To the fabulous Dr. Oganwu and her staff – I appreciate all you’ve taught me and I will continue to practice my healthy eating habits. The journey is well worth the money. I appreciate you all and I’ll always remember what your team has done for me.


Thank you all again!

- Y.R.

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