Medical, Nonsurgical, and Effective

This unique nonsurgical weight loss program begins by finding the various metabolic issues that can keep you from losing weight and maintaining your weight loss.


These include:

  • Bowel Inflammation

  • Carbohydrate Sensitivity

  • Emotional Eating

  • Environmental Pollution

  • Food Hypersensitivity

  • Fatigue

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Lack of Exercise

  • Medication Side Effects

  • Metabolic Syndrome

These issues can be corrected with purification and the detoxification of vital organs (liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, skin, and lungs). This leads to weight loss, better digestion, clearer skin, shinier hair, increased energy, fewer headaches, improved mood, decreased sugar craving, and better mental focus.

We also provide nutritional counseling and information about a balanced diet. We'll discover your individual triggers for overeating.