Patient Testimonials

"I am very happy and feel so alive with Dr. Oganwu. Weighing as much as I did, she has helped me reach my goal of 145 pounds and I am now at 137 pounds. Never thought it could be done!

Forever Grateful!"


"I am pleased with the process, but I am looking forward to the goal. The staff is friendly and encouraging.

It is nice to come and see the progress. Seeing the weight and inches come off since I have been coming. I see changes every day. I am making smarter choices and life style changes and see a new and better me! "


"Dr. Oganwu and her great staff has been highly instrumental in my weight loss. The medications and instructions were easy to follow.

It did not take long to see the results of the lost weight. Once the pounds started to come off, it was very easy to continue.

I applaud Dr. Oganwu and her staff for helping me to eat right and living a better, healthier life.

Thank you Dr. Oganwu!"


"I have lost 40 pounds with Dr. Rita. I am so grateful and proud. Excellent staff and supporters to help. Improved health, increased energy, more confident in myself, thanks to Dr. Rita's weight loss plan."


"I' m so glad I ask my doctor to help me lose the weight. In the past I tried everything to lose weight, but failed at every attempt.

I even tried weight watchers, and followed all the recommendations but I did not lose any weight.

It was until I asked Dr. Oganwu to help me, because I had started to gain more weight and was at 274 pounds and did not want to get to 300 pounds. I am down to 238 pounds and still have more weight to lose.

I am so glad she is helping me reach my goal of 155 pounds, because without her I cannot do it."


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