Why is Red Light useful?

Updated: Apr 27

The sun provides the world with light, heat, and energy for people and other living things to survive and grow. Humans absorb the sun's rays through the skin and eyes and use the energy for many metabolic processes. This is evident from the wide range of conditions, such as depression, fatigue, depressed immune function, and sleep disorders, that occur during sunlight deprivation.

Infrared therapy has been used in a wide range of applications for many years. It is one of several innovative therapies used to help patients suffering from pain and/or injury. Infrared therapy utilizes numerous light wavelengths between 780 nanometers to 1000 μm, which are directed at injured or inflamed sites in the body.

Infrared light can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, reaching the tissues of the body. Photo-biostimulation is the process where living tissue shows biochemical responses when exposed to light energy through respiratory chain component absorption.