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Our Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program is a proactive approach to a lifestyle change.

The program includes education, empowerment, and mentoring. We address the pillars of health and the ability to reverse chronic illnesses.

Such as:

  • Diabetes Mellitus

  • Hypertension

  • Auto-Immune Disease

  • Obesity


Our goal is to improve your overall sense of well-being while treating your illness.

We are able to achieve that by ordering the correct tests, determining the underlying cause of the disease, and treating the body as a whole. We will then correct the dysfunction instead of altering the labs by prescribing medications.

Wellness Program
Body Contouring

Internal Medicine

As a practicing Internist for over 35 years, Dr. Oganwu is skilled in treating many illnesses and disorders and she offers a wide range of treatments for a variety of diseases and nagging symptoms.

Instead of living with your problem or condition, come see an Internist that will work with you to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to help you achieve optimum health and prevent illness.

For those that are living with pain and even a chronic condition, with the help of Dr. Rita Oganwu, you can learn to live a healthier and happier life.

Internal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an understanding of the human body and how illness occurs. It investigates and attempts to fix the root problems impairing your health instead of simply treating the symptoms of illness like traditional medicine does. 

Rather than different types of specialists, a functional medicine doctor will break the issues down into smaller pieces.


A functional medicine provider will be looking to understand:

What are the common underlying links depriving your cells of the nutrients and energy they need to function properly?


What are the core factors that are driving all of your health conditions?


And what is the simplest, most straight forward way to treat these root problems and resolve illness instead of focusing solely on a reduction in symptoms?

Using a detailed chronological history and sophisticated new laboratory testing, functional medicine practitioners prescribe diet, lifestyle, supplements, hormones, and medicines that can help you shift back to your natural healthy state.

What is a Functional Medicine Doctor & Practitioner?


A Functional Medicine doctor restores normal body “Function” rather than focusing on the treatment of specific diseases.


In general, if we can restore normal body function that most disease processes clear up.


Let Dr. Oganwu help you get to the root of the problem rather than putting a bandaid on it and treating your symptoms.

Face Complexion


Most people have heard it so often that they believe it. But the truth of the matter is that aches and pains are your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. And thanks to advanced anti-aging medicine and customized, bioidentical hormone replacement, it doesn't have to be that way. You could be feeling and functioning dramatically better.

Specialized Age Management Medicine for Women and Men

Aging is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be painful. Dr. Oganwu specializes in internal and metabolic medicine, and she offers the latest treatment plans for our aging population. We age primarily because of a decline in our hormone levels. Women go through menopause; men go through andropause. But with safe, customized, bioidentical hormone replacement, you can have dramatic health benefits and counteract many age-related health conditions.

Eating Healthy



Proper nutrition promotes growth and repair of tissue.

Nutrition is key when you are trying to prevent infections and boost your immune system, as 80% of the immune system is in the gut.

An anti-inflammatory diet is the key to promoting proper gut integrity. Diets that increase inflammation will not only increase gastrointestinal distress, but will also increase cardiovascular risk, autoimmunity risk, and nearly every other chronic disease mediated by inflammation.

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Medical, Nonsurgical, and Effective

This unique non-surgical weight loss program begins by finding the various metabolic issues that can keep you from losing weight and maintaining your weight loss.


These include:

  • Bowel Inflammation

  • Carbohydrate Sensitivity

  • Emotional Eating

  • Environmental Pollution

  • Food Hypersensitivity

  • Fatigue

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Lack of Exercise

  • Medication Side Effects

  • Metabolic Syndrome

These issues can be corrected with purification and the detoxification of vital organs (liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, skin, and lungs). This leads to weight loss, better digestion, clearer skin, shinier hair, increased energy, fewer headaches, improved mood, decreased sugar cravings, and better mental focus.

We also provide nutritional counseling and information about a balanced diet. We'll discover your individual triggers for overeating and we may prescribe FDA-approved appetite suppressants.

Medical Weight Loss
Herbal Medicine


Homeopathic Medicine

If you have a condition that has not been helped by conventional therapies or treatments - or that you've been told cannot be helped — talk to Dr. Oganwu about possible alternatives such as nutritional and homeopathic medicine.

These alternative therapies can help optimize your overall health and well-being — especially if you have been searching for safe, natural alternatives without the side effects of prescription medications. Alternative medicine provides successful tools for treating acute illnesses, plus complex and chronic conditions, such as asthma and eczema, and autoimmune diseases, including chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Homeopathic medicine is among the most widely practiced medical disciplines in the world. It has been in clinical use for over 200 years. It is also safe, non-toxic, and without side effects or interactions with other medicines. Homeopathic medications are regulated by the FDA and can be used as the first line of treatment for many acute or chronic conditions.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement for Men

The production of hormones, particularly testosterone, declines in men as they enter middle age. Testosterone has profound effects throughout the body and the receptors are found in virtually all body tissues. 

This decrease of testosterone triggers an onslaught of other hormonal imbalances that might be mild, but in many cases, can be severe and decrease quality of life. 

Some of the problems that can arise from hormonal imbalances include:

  • Depression

  • Erectile Disfunction

  • Fatigue

  • Gynecomastia

  • Hair loss

  • Irritability

  • Low Sex Drive

  • Memory Loss

  • Night Sweats

  • Urinary Problems

  • Weight Gain

The good news is those hormone deficiencies and imbalances are often correctable using hormone replacement therapy. HRT for men is a safe and effective way to combat andropause, also called male menopause, symptoms. Contact us to meet our staff and get started by watching one of Dr. Oganwu's webinars or by taking advantage of your free 15-minute discovery call.

As we age, changes occur that cause hormone imbalance. The symptoms of hormone deficiency and imbalance during menopause can include:

  • Depression

  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Mood swings

  • Low sex drive

  • Muscle mass loss

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Endometriosis

  • PMS Irritability

  • Uterine fibroids

  • Weight gain

  • Insomnia

  • Heart flutters

  • Memory Loss

  • Vaginal Dryness

We can help you feel better, look better, and live an overall healthier and more fulfilling life with Hormone Replacement Therapy. (HRT)

The good news is that hormone deficiency and imbalances are usually able to be fixed using hormone replacement therapy. 

Hormone Therapy

Learn more about Hormone Replacement Thearpy for Men & Women

IV Therapy

IV Therapy


Infusion IV 2 hours
$140.00 OR 4 FOR $525.00


Basic Slow Push IVP
6 FOR $480.00

  • Migraine

  • Depression

  • Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

  • Vasomotor rhinitis

  • Asthma

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic sinusitis

  • Headache


$150.00 OR 4 FOR $550.00

  • Anxiety

  • Autism

  • Diabetes

  • Fatigue

  • Female Infertility


IVP/IM 1200mg
$25.00 OR 2 FOR $50.00

$25.00 OR 4 FOR $100.00

$25.00 OR 5 FOR $100.00



$175.00 OR 2 FOR $325.00


  • Anxiety

  • Diabetes

  • Dyslipidemia

  • Fatigue

  • HBP

  • Inflammation

  • Pain/Weight Management

IV Therapy
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