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    Strong immunity is at the core of Healthier Shape. Protect yourself from COVID-19. Cold and flu season is coming soon, and our doctor recommends to our patient's support supplements to help boost their systems. Support your immunity with our top supplements: Our Supplement boosts immune defenses by providing key ingredients that help regulate your immune system. A daily dose of this powerful formula will leave you better able to fight off potential pathogens.

  • What's Inside

    Immune Booster

    • Supports quick recovery from illness 

    • Strengthens immune function to combat illness

    • Anti-inflammatory effects

    • Powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts

    • Does not contain gluten, yeast, or artificial colors and flavors

    No one wants to get sick. That’s why this is your new best friend for cold and flu season, travel, and beyond. This pharmaceutical-grade immune booster contains a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts to strengthen your immune system, helping you get and stay healthy. Immune-enhancing nutrients and botanicals can support and strengthen the body’s immune response and shorten the duration of illness.


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