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Actual Patient Testimonials 

Dr Oganwu has been my primary care MD for several years. She is caring, a good listener, and encourages me to make lifestyle changes that will improve my health. If I have any complaint concerning my health she listens and intervenes by ordering tests or scans to make sure there are no underlying problems. She is a good doctor.

- A.T.

What a pleasant, information filled experience! I receive a good check-up, wellness information and spent time with a doctor who did not run out of the exam room in 7 minutes! She was not only informative but smart! She also listened! I am looking forward to becoming a regular patient. I need the kind of medical and wellness care that she provides.

- J.J.

Dr Rita Oganwu is very thorough and professional in diagnosing and treating your illnesses, physical complaints, and/or eliminating potential problems.Healthier alternative lifestyles are offered in lieu of being on a lifetime regime of medications. Late office hours are also available. Feel free to call her office if you have any questions. They are surely welcomed. I should know since my husband and I have been patients for almost 10 years!

- M.S.

Dr. Organwu gives genuine concern. She is as serious about good results as I am about achieving them! My lifestyle is now going healthward, if there is such a word. Thanks Dr. Oganwu for truly caring!!!

- O.S.

Dr Oganwu has been primary care physician for some years now and am so happy l have a doctor like her she is very thorough with her care and explains in details about my health, l have no concerns she is the best.

- J.O.

Dr Oganwu is the most thorough, most knowledgeable physician I have ever met. Her staff truly is also the most accommodating to assist in patient care.

- E.B.

I was very pleased with my visit. All numbers were good and weight was excellent as well. Was able to bypass bloodwork before next visit.

- D.B.

I thought I was pretty healthy. I ate well and exercised regularly so….I really did not think I needed the wellness program. I decided to try it because I was having some heartburn and my stomach was sometimes gassy and painful.

I have completed my program and what a difference! Energy level high, skin smoother, stomach quiet, weight loss and heartburn significantly reduced. I have learned so much about nutrition and my health. This program was not easy but it was very doable. The results are amazing and I highly recommend it.

- I.N.

I’m around day 100 on the program and I’ve lost 43 pounds.  It has taken discipline to make changes from my former habits to making better choices.

I’m looking forward to my next blood work.

- T.N.

Doing this Wellness Program, starting out was not easy. But looking at going through the first month, I made it. There were a few hiccups along the way, but the road got better. In this journey, I could walk, but not for long periods of time, with knee braces. Now I walk longer and no knee braces, just slight pain. No running – yet! I also have lost 19 pounds and my blood pressure is doing very well now. I am so glad we decided to go with this program.

- J.J.

Since I began the Wellness Program, I’ve learned so much about eating healthier. When I shop for groceries, I’m looking for products that have the Organic Logo / Seal. I’ve substituted milk with organic almond milk. I’ve learned how important 3 balanced meals a day can greatly control my binge eating and snacking. When you know better, you do better and feel better!


Dr. Oganwu’s Wellness program has helped improve my energy levels and I’m sleeping better.

The shakes and supplements taste good!

My digestive system is working better and overall, I feel better!


I went to a presentation in November 2019, just after I had gotten a negative kidney report. I had been experiencing many symptoms since May of 2019 that was a cause for alarm for me. I suffered from cold intolerance, hair loss, dry skin, and was feeling unusually tired all the time. My under eyes were swollen and dark and I coughed up mucus all day. I weighed 174 pounds, had high cholesterol, and was pre-diabetic.I have been a part of the wellness program now for some 100 days…and I’m coming back to myself! Cold intolerance is not an issue, no more dry skin, no more darkness under my eyes and I don’t cough up mucus daily. I now weigh 156 pounds and I have my energy back! Dr. Oganwu is now also my primary care physician and we will be working on my kidneys, cholesterol, hormones, and even growing back my hair! I’m embracing this lifestyle change and I’m very satisfied with all the support I’m getting. It’s been an eye-opener for me as well as an education. I’m a witness to the fact “The Body Heals Itself”


- LW

Prior to Dr. Oganwu’s functional medicine program, I was taking sleeping pills for close to 20 years. I was at wit’s end when I began the program.

After only 10 days I began to sleep without a pill and even had 12 hours of sleep on day 14!

I am finally sleeping every night and feeling great!


I’m proud to say that the Wellness Program that Dr. Oganwu has introduced me to probably helped to save my life. I am so excited about the results I have achieved! As of today, my weight is down 25 pounds! My blood pressure is 118/70 and my blood sugar stays consistently around 93. My medications have either been cut in half or I no longer need to take them. My energy levels have skyrocketed and my sleeping has greatly improved. Thank you to Dr. Oganwu and her great staff for this life changing event!


I have experienced phenomenal results since starting the Healthier Shape Wellness Program three weeks ago. Joint aches and stiffness have diminished as well as swelling in my joints. My energy level has increased, clarity of thought has improved – even my eyesight is better!

I highly recommend the Healthier Shape Wellness Program!


I am very satisfied with the “baby steps” of progress I have made so far on the Wellness Program.

After adjusting to the dietary changes and following the program, I find I have more energy and a brighter outlook on life in general. I am making much needed changes in my sleep habits, increasing my exercise regimen and am not even half way through the program. I have a positive attitude going on to the finish and I am setting goals for more weight loss.

My problem with procrastination is getting better! I’m still adjusting to some of the program changes, but that gets easier every week.

I am really excited about continuing the program!


Starting my Wellness Program, I must say I was skeptical and almost discouraged due to the cost. I have spent most of my life very overweight and unable to lose weight.

After completing my 6th month I am happy I invested the money to learn how to improve my health. I am down a total of 30 pounds so far and overall feeling a lot better than before. Thank you to Dr. Oganwu and Tammy for providing me the materials, as well as the understanding, to know this was not going to be easy. I will admit I did “fall off the wagon” a few times, but quickly saw and felt the effects the “bad food” had on my body. I have worked out 5 days a week on this program and if you would have told me 6 months ago that I would be able to run on the treadmill for any period of time, I wouldn’t believe that was possible. I recommend this program to everyone – take a chance and invest in your health, you will not be disappointed!


I' m so glad I asked my doctor to help me lose the weight. In the past I tried everything to lose weight, but failed at every attempt. 

I even tried weight watchers, and followed all the recommendations but I did not lose any weight. 

It was until I asked Dr. Oganwu to help me, because I had started to gain more weight and was at 274 pounds and did not want to get to 300 pounds. I am down to 238 pounds and still have more weight to lose. 

I am so glad she is helping me reach my goal of 155 pounds, because without her I cannot do it.


I have lost 40 pounds with Dr. Rita. I am so grateful and proud. Excellent staff and supporters to help. Improved health, increased energy, more confident in myself, thanks to Dr. Rita's weight loss plan.

- EP

Dr. Oganwu and her great staff has been highly instrumental in my weight loss. The medications and instructions were easy to follow. 

It did not take long to see the results of the lost weight. Once the pounds started to come off, it was very easy to continue.

I applaud Dr. Oganwu and her staff for helping me to eat right and live a better, healthier life.

Thank you Dr. Oganwu!

- MT

I am pleased with the process, but I am looking forward to the goal. The staff is friendly and encouraging.

It is nice to come and see the progress. Seeing the weight and inches come off since I have been coming. I see changes every day. I am making smarter choices and life style changes and see a new and better me!

- BB

I am very happy and feel so alive with Dr. Oganwu. Weighing as much as I did, she has helped me reach my goal of 145 pounds and I am now at 137 pounds. Never thought it could be done!

Forever Grateful!

- KM

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